Tips from a Therapist for Women on Developing a Mindfulness Practice

A woman holding a small yellow flower. If you are looking for a therapist for women's issues in NYC, NY, look no further! Learn more mindfulness tips here.

Have you ever found that when you’re washing the dishes, taking a walk, or grocery shopping that your mind is completely lost in thoughts? You may notice your fantasizing about a new job, a future vacation, or replaying a recent conversation. Throughout any of the above scenarios, you’re likely not focusing on the present moment.…

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Anxiety during Quarantine

It’s absolutely normal to experience feelings of anxiety and fear during this time of great uncertainty and upheaval. Beyond following safety guidelines and listening to your trusted health experts, it’s important to prioritize managing your mental health including your stress and anxiety levels. During an occasional high-stress event, anxiety and stress hormones naturally flood your…

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