Anxiety during Quarantine

It’s absolutely normal to experience feelings of anxiety and fear during this time of great uncertainty and upheaval. Beyond following safety guidelines and listening to your trusted health experts, it’s important to prioritize managing your mental health including your stress and anxiety levels. During an occasional high-stress event, anxiety and stress hormones naturally flood your nervous system, which can be helpful in the short-term, but long-term exposure can be harmful to both your physical and emotional health, ultimately impacting your immune system.

Here are a few strategies to consider for reducing your stress levels:

  1. Practice mindfulness and grounding techniques. You can try this when you’re in the shower, going on a walk, or engaging in any basic house chore. Try to connect to all five of your senses, noticing each one, and describing them in detail to help bring you back to the present moment.
  2. Limit your media consumption. Remember the purpose of television is to persuade you to watch more television. Take breaks from social media and television to engage in more meaningful activities that provide a sense of pleasure, relaxation, and/or mastery.
  3. Practice relaxation techniques through deep breathing. Whether seated or lying on your back, practice inhaling into your belly, filling it up like a balloon, and emptying your breathe completely. (Be sure to exhale longer than you inhale, as this promotes deeper relaxation). Try using a 4, 2, 6 count. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and exhale for 6 seconds.

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