Women's Issues Therapy

Offering Help to those Dealing with Women's Issues

The issues women and girls face today are both unique and incredibly complex.

At the heart of Liz Yarock Psychotherapy is a commitment to supporting and empowering women of all ages. No matter what stage you are in, living in our fast-paced and ever-connected world, it can be beneficial to slow down and intentionally tune inward. Whether you’re experiencing a change in your life, wishing to improve your relationships, going through an emotional crisis, or hoping to learn more about yourself, Liz Yarock Psychotherapy is here to support you. Ultimately, Liz Yarock Psychotherapy believes that the human spirit is incredibly strong, resilient, and capable of achieving personal growth and healing. At Liz Yarock Psychotherapy we will prioritize your goals and collaborate with you to help you feel more grounded and centered. You can be at peace even during the most challenging times.

A woman's face touching a plant. With therapy for women in NYC, NY, you can learn how to manage anxiety & stress. Get started with a therapist for women today!
  • Do you find that you are especially hard on yourself?
  • Are you frequently doubting or second-guessing yourself or your decisions?
  • Do you have difficulty accessing or tapping into your intuition or even knowing the difference between your intuition and anxiety?
  • Do you often get caught in a worry loop, a comparison trap, or find you are busy meeting everyone else’s expectations and needs before your own?

You don’t have to live this way.

You can learn to tame your inner critic,
let go of self-doubt, and prioritize your needs first.

Through therapy for women, you can create and strengthen boundaries and relationships, increase self-awareness, develop deeper self-compassion and self-love, improve your communication, and live a life aligned with your values. It’s never too late to pour into yourself, make meaningful changes, and embrace your most authentic self.

Psychotherapy is a powerful way to start your journey
towards making lasting changes in your life.

What is Therapy for Women’s Issues?

Women’s therapy in NYC offers a dedicated space to feel genuinely heard, understood, and cared for. Liz Yarock Psychotherapy employs a holistic approach to therapy that takes into consideration the many interrelated parts of the human experience (gender, biological, emotional, cognitive, relational, cultural, and spiritual). Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all and therefore will be tailored to your needs with evidence-based therapies including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, self-compassion, and acceptance and commitment therapy. In addition to traditional talk therapy, Liz’s approach is truly integrative as she recognizes the mind-body connection and the strong interplay between the two. Liz Yarock utilizes mind-body therapy techniques including mindfulness, tapping-emotional freedom technique, breath work, meditation, and guided imagery as these have proven success in improving overall health and well-being. 

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I am especially passionate about providing therapy for women in the following treatment areas:

Tailored Support for Women's Well-Being

I work with women and girls throughout their lifespan, and I have a background and special interest in supporting women from adolescence into their 20s and 30s. Together we will prioritize both your growth and healing. In our work, we will look at what brought you here. We'll also take time to unpack your story and focus on your needs to help you live a more joyfulfulfilling, and meaningful life. Through a strength-based and self-compassionate approach, we will explore your thought patterns, feelings, and behaviors. As well as tune into your body cues in new ways, to promote a deeper sense of understanding and empowerment. I will provide you with practical and powerful tools to manage everyday life stressors as they may arise. While we cannot prevent the ups and downs in life, my goal is to help you walk away with the ability to self-soothe, uplift, and center yourself whenever you need to.

What are Common Women’s Issues?

Women's Issues


Highly Sensitive Persons


Life Transitions

Self-Esteem/Body Image




Online Therapy for Women’s Issues:

At Liz Yarock Psychotherapy, our work together is meant to be one less stressor in your life. Liz Yarock is sensitive to the needs and demands that women face and therefore provides sessions virtually. Virtual therapy allows you to be treated from the comfort of your home. You no longer need to sacrifice or neglect other areas of your life for therapy to fit into your schedule.

Beginning Women's Therapy to Help You Cope with Life's Biggest (and Smallest) Demands

Liz Yarock Therapy is here to help.

The primary mission at Liz Yarock Psychotherapy is to provide compassionate and heartfelt therapy for women in New York, New Jersey, and throughout New England.

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As a woman, at times, life can be incredibly stressful and impact your mental health. Women's therapy is an opportunity to gain support, insight, and effective coping strategies to face life challenges. I offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to help you gain a sense of who I am, my approach to therapy, and to determine whether you and I both think we may work well together. If you're interested to learn more about therapy for women's issues then follow these few steps:

  1. Learn more about me
  2. Schedule your complimentary phone consultation here.
  3. See if we're the right fit & begin women's therapy!

Other Service Liz Yarock Psychotherapy Offers

Liz Yarock Psychotherapy offers a range of services to support holistic well-being. From anxiety counseling and life transition therapy to women's issues therapy, I provide tailored support and evidence-based techniques. I also offer therapy for relationships, body image, and Highly sensitive person therapy! Whatever your needs, I'm here to accompany you on your journey towards greater mindfulness and well-being.

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I am happy to offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to help you gain a sense of who I am and my approach to therapy in order to determine if we will work well together.