Individual Womens Therapy New York

Individual Therapy

I work with clients throughout the lifespan and I have a background and special interest in working with women from adolescence into adulthood.

Together we will prioritize both your growth and healing. In our work, we will look at what brought you here, take time to unpack your story, and focus on your needs to help you live a more joyful, fulfilling, and peaceful life.

Through a strength-based and self-compassionate approach, we will explore your thought patterns, feelings, behaviors, and tune into your body cues in new ways, to promote a deeper sense of understanding and empowerment.

I will provide you with practical and powerful tools to manage every day life stressors as they arise. While we cannot prevent the ups and downs in life, my goal is to help you walk away with the ability to self-soothe, uplift, and center yourself whenever you need to.

Womens Group Therapy New York
Group Therapy

Women’s Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Reduction Group:

A group for women in their 20s and 30s coping with the everyday life stressors and demands of being a female living in New York.

A short term 5 week group where I will teach specific techniques that will help you cope more effectively with anxiety, mood fluctuation, stress, and sleep.

Some topics that will be covered:
Guided Relaxation and Visualization
The Power of Breath
Mantra and Mala Beads
Meditation Techniques

Girls Group Therapy New York

Girl's Group

A group for girls age 9-11 who absorb and feel a lot. The group will be a fun, engaging, and supportive space to cultivate lifelong coping strategies necessary to help feel more competent and resilient in managing these feelings.

This 6 week group will provide a warm, safe, and fun environment for developing and practicing creative tools for soothing worries and building resilience. Using a mind-body approach, we will incorporate skills from mindfulness, movement and meditation practices, somatic psychotherapies, and expressive arts.

While it is impossible to eliminate the stress and demands that are present at this age – especially in the fast- paced city of New York, it is my goal that by introducing these tools, each girl will recognize that she is not alone in this experience and will gain the needed confidence to ensure she is better equipped to face any obstacles ahead and in so doing, make way for enjoying the pleasures of this time!

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