Highly Sensitive Persons

Offering help to those who have the highly sensitive personality trait

If you’ve ever been labeled too shy, too sensitive, have a rich inner life, attune to the feelings and experiences of those around, and have deep empathy, you may in fact be among the 15-20% of the population with the highly sensitive personality trait. Being a highly sensitive person while living in our fast-paced world can be quite overwhelming. With greater value for extroversion, instant gratification, and pressure to respond to texts and emails immediately, a highly sensitive person is often left feeling over-stimulated, exhausted, and dissatisfied.  Through the support of a knowledgeable therapist, a highly sensitive person will benefit from the focused practices of respecting her boundaries and embracing her special strengths. Having a sensitive nervous system is normal and this trait is not a mental illness. Being a highly sensitive person is not something to overcome, but rather to be celebrated.

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