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An individual putting their hands out. Representing how boundaries are important for women's mental health. Begin therapy for women in NYC, NY today!

The Art of Setting Boundaries: Empowering Women Through Therapy

Why Do Women Struggle with People-pleasing and Setting Boundaries? Various cultural and societal norms have shaped ...
Three young women laughing by tulips. With the support from a women's therapist in NYC, NY, you can work on coping strategies for your anxiety. Begin women's therapy today!

Breaking Free from the Comparison Trap: Strategies for Women’s Mental Wellness

Humans are wired to be social beings. In fact, for our ancestors to survive, it was ...
An individual sitting against a couch, representing anxiety & tension. With a women's therapist in NYC, NY, you can work to overcome your anxiety. Get started with a women's therapist today!

Unpacking Anxiety: Understanding and Coping with Women’s Mental Health Challenges

What is Anxiety? Feeling afraid is a very normal and essential part of the human experience. ...
A woman holding a small yellow flower. If you are looking for a therapist for women's issues in NYC, NY, look no further! Learn more mindfulness tips here.

Tips from a Therapist for Women on Developing a Mindfulness Practice

Have you ever found that when you're washing the dishes, taking a walk, or grocery shopping ...
A woman holding her hands into a heart. If you're looking to navigate your HSP traits, get started with a therapist for women in NYC, NY. Contact me today to get started with women issues therapy.

Highly Sensitive Woman & How Women Counseling in NYC Can Support You

Highly Sensitive People make up around 20% of the population. As an HSP, you are born ...
A group of friends smiling at eachother. Get started with therapy for women in NYC, NY today! Schedule a free consultation now.

What are the Mental Health Issues of Female Students in College? : Breaking the Silence

In the vibrant city we know and love, attending college in New York City can be ...

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