Vision Boards

Often in my practice clients are looking for ways to expand their self-exploration and growth outside the therapy room, in their everyday lives, ultimately where it matters most. An excellent tool to consider when prioritizing one’s emotional well-being is a vision board. A vision board is a tool that can be used for individuals across the life span and provide a concrete space for anyone to manifest their dreams, life goals, and deepest aspirations. Vision boards encourage self-exploration through creative expression and artistic freedom.

women's desk with motivational words

Tips for use

Consider vision boards as a chance to challenge your limiting thoughts and beliefs. Vision boards tap into concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidence based treatment approach proven to reduce anxiety and depression. By visualizing a new, perhaps aspirational future, you are in fact challenging your limiting beliefs and thoughts about yourself, the world, and your future.

What to include in your vision board:

1. Images- Places, experiences, dreams, sky’s the limit! Try to be as specific as possible, for example if you want to become a published author with great success, consider including a picture of yourself holding a book and being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.
2. Affirmations or Mantras- These are both powerful tools that can encourage
a person to believe certain things about oneself, the world, and
his/her place within it. Affirmations and mantras can be used to
manifest and create the life you want and can include anything from
topics such as self-confidence, self-love, financial independence, and creativity.
3. Quotes- Motivating quotes, inspirational statements, and any important reminders.
4. Future self-journaling. Consider writing a letter or advice to your future self.

Finally, remember to place your vision board somewhere that you can see and take time to look at every morning or each evening as a ritual practice of prioritizing your dreams.

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