3 Key Benefits to Teletherapy

If you’re uncertain about teletherapy and whether it’s right for you, I’d like to share some of the unique advantages to this form of psychotherapy. Research indicates that teletherapy is just as effective as traditional face-to-face psychotherapy. Below are three key benefits to consider when seeking teletherapy.

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1. Increased access to qualified therapists. Teletherapy and telemedicine as a whole, has been shown to improve access to qualified professionals. If you recently moved from New York City and find yourself in a more rural remote area, teletherapy allows you to connect with a therapist that otherwise might not be available in your region. Additionally, teletherapy allows for continuity in care by maintaining the supportive relationship you created with your trusted therapist.

2. Convenience and comfort of therapy from home. Teletherapy allows you to schedule appointments at times that work within your busy schedule. You won’t have to sacrifice or neglect other valued activities like exercise, meditation, or watching your favorite netflix show, because teletherapy can fit into your current lifestyle. By receiving teletherapy from home, you can prioritize your mental health and avoid the discomfort of sitting in an office waiting room. Plus, there’s the added bonus of being treated from the comfort of your cozy couch!  

3. Flexibility and time saved.With the majority of the country working from home now, juggling zoom calls, family time, and basic household chores, teletherapy is a great solution. Teletherapy offers increased flexibility to anyone with a busy schedule, who is overworked, and overcommitted. Teletherapy certainly cuts down on time lost from the hassle of commuting. Relatedly, when public transportation is delayed or meetings run late, you normally might find yourself running behind to an in person therapy appointment and ultimately missing out on valuable session time.  With teletherapy, timeliness is significantly improved because sessions can easily begin at the click of a button on your smartphone or computer. Similarly, feeling sick or falling ill are normally barriers to attending psychotherapy sessions. With teletherapy, you can continue working with your therapist when you feel under the weather from the comfort of your home, and keep everyone safe. 

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