Highly Sensitive Woman & How Women Counseling in NYC Can Support You

Highly Sensitive People make up around 20% of the population. As an HSP, you are born with a specific temperament. This trait allows you to experience your life and the world around you in a unique and special way, one that is vastly different than others. As a highly sensitive woman, you process information and experiences more deeply. You also notice the many intricate details and subtleties around you and feel your feelings deeply. With your sensitive nature, you are likely to be more creative, conscientious, and insightful. However, with an innate sensitivity and a deep sense of empathy, you can become easily prone to emotional overwhelm, overstimulation, and elevated levels of stress.

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Highly Sensitive Person Quiz

If you are interested in learning whether you might be a highly sensitive person a great place to begin is by taking the HSP quiz:

Having a sensitive nervous system is completely normal, just like any other trait such as the color of your eyes or the freckles on your nose. This trait is not a mental illness. Being a highly sensitive person is not something to overcome, but rather to be celebrated and embraced with curiosity, acceptance, and loving self-compassion. Together in our work, you’ll develop greater insight into this trait and learn how to harness your innate sensitivity.

Here are Five Ways Therapy for Women is Uniquely Supportive of Highly Sensitive Women

1. Learn More About this Trait and Revisit your Past Through a Helpful New Lens:

When you begin to identify as an HSP, therapy for women in NYC, NY is an opportunity to reflect on your past with a newfound understanding and useful framework for your experiences. Maybe you always felt different than others. Perhaps you were labeled as too shy, too emotional, or even told to grow a thicker skin. Reflecting on your past experiences with the understanding that you were in fact simply a highly sensitive woman can be life-changing. Rather than believing something was wrong with you, you were simply living as a highly sensitive person in a world not always understanding or encouraging of this trait.

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2. Experience Your Sensitivity as a Strength:

Women’s issues therapy helps you to honor and even celebrate your unique sensitivity and begin to experience it as a superpower. Through meaningful self-exploration, you’ll learn to stop judging this trait, and rather accept and love all parts of yourself. You’ll be able to identify and highlight your unique strengths such as your strong intuition, deep empathy, attention to detail, conscientious nature, rich inner life, deep feelings, and kindness. Through therapy for women in NYC, you can begin to experience greater self-compassion for your behaviors that you may have previously criticized, misunderstood, or even blamed yourself for.

3. Develop Practical and Powerful Tools to Soothe your Sensitive Nervous System:

Therapy for women’s issues is an opportunity for highly sensitive women to learn ways to manage overarousal. Through women’s therapy, you can learn the value of establishing routine quiet time to both recharge and self-soothe. You’ll also be supported in developing mind-body relaxation strategies such as meditation or breath work that are effective in tending to your sensitive nervous system. If you’re interested in learning more about starting a mindfulness practice, check out my blog post on mindfulness.

4. Set Healthy Boundaries and Protect Your Energy

As a sensitive person, you are more prone to absorbing the emotions and energies of those around you. Friends, family, and colleagues likely turn to you often for support and emotional guidance. Through women’s therapy, you can learn ways to establish and maintain healthier emotional boundaries. With the help of a women issue’s therapist, you’ll explore what is yours to carry and what is not yours to hold onto.

5. Feel Less Alone in Your Sensitivity

Through women’s issues therapy at Liz Yarock Psychotherapy, you’ll discover that you are not alone. You will find that there are many other like-minded sensitive folks out there. If you’re curious to learn more about the HSP trait and deepen your overall understanding of being a highly sensitive woman and connect with other HSPs, check out the resources below:



Book: The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You

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