Embracing Your Body in Therapy for Women: Cultivating Positive Body Image

Body image concerns or body dysmorphic disorder can profoundly impact the way you view yourself and your overall emotional well-being. Unrealistic perceptions of one’s body often lead to feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, and insecurity.

Below are some common signs of body image concerns or body dysmorphic disorder:

  • Spending a lot of time and energy focused on your appearance
  • Viewing your body as flawed or defective
  • Going to great lengths to conceal or improve your perceived body flaw
  • Finding that your efforts to improve your perceived flaw are negatively impacting your life

Common behaviors associated with body image concerns:

  • Spending significant periods of time worrying about and evaluating a particular area of concern on your body
  • Difficulty getting dressed, never feeling good in what you’re wearing
  • Purposefully dressing in baggy clothing to disguise parts of your body
  • Frequently looking at yourself in the mirror or avoiding mirrors completely
  • Comparing your body to others
A woman sitting at a table with her eyes closed. Representing how body image concerns can leave you feeling lonely or insecure. Start working with a women's therapist in NYC, NY to help with body image concerns.

Through individual therapy for women in NYC, NY, you can begin to embrace your body, develop self-acceptance, and cultivate body positivity. We are not born hating or dissatisfied with our bodies. Our own perception of our bodies is learned. This is where the good news comes in. You can learn to become more accepting of your body, less critical of your looks, and ultimately more comfortable in your own skin.

Here are some strategies to cultivate body positivity I recommend as a therapist for women in NYC, NY:

Be mindful of social media consumption

Social media promotes unrealistic beauty standards and ideals. Social media is often a culture of competition and comparison. Ultimately, it’s common practice to compare yourself to others and strive to meet universal beauty standards. Consequently, photo editing tools and filters have become the norm on social media. It’s important to keep in mind that there is likely a great deal of editing going on behind the scenes. Take social media breaks to unplug and if you want to go online, remember to be mindful of the social media you’re consuming.

An Iphone showing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This represents how taking a break from social media can help body image concerns. Learn more tips from a women's therapist in NYC, NY.

Shift your attention

Often body image concerns lead to a preoccupation and a great deal of time spent focusing on one’s body. The amount of time and energy spent focusing on one’s body only fosters further negative feelings. Learn to retrain your attention so that you can decrease the amount of time you spend thinking about and focusing on your appearance. Any time you catch yourself focusing on your body image, practice non-judgmentally bringing your attention back to the present. Specifically, you can become more mindful by either using your breathing or the task you’re engaged in as an anchor to the here and now.

Broaden your sense of self

With body image concerns, you likely judge yourself based on your body image and perceived flaws. Take time to remember that you are a whole person beyond a specific aspect of your physical appearance. I encourage you to list all the qualities, abilities, achievements, and roles you have that make you the full and unique person you are. Maybe you’re a daughter, a friend, hardworking, compassionate, curious, and someone with integrity. The point is, that you’re a multifaceted, complex person who is more than just any one body part or physical appearance.

Begin your self-love journey in therapy for women

If body positivity feels too difficult for you now, you can begin by aiming for body neutrality and acceptance. You deserve to feel at home in your body and experience true self-love. If you’re ready to explore these feelings, I offer online therapy for women at Liz Yarock Psychotherapy to address body image!

A woman holding a mirror in a field and smiling while looking at her reflection. If you struggle with body image concerns, start therapy for women in NYC, NY. I can help support you in the safe space of women's therapy.

Supporting NYC women to cultivate positive body image

You don’t have to face body image concerns alone. Through women’s therapy, you can learn to embrace your body and cultivate a positive body image. I can help you become more accepting of yourself and less critical of your appearance. Take the first step towards self-love and body positivity today!

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  3. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Let’s work together to make that happen.

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