Navigating Wedding Stress with Ease: Insights from a Women’s Therapist in NYC

Choosing to get married is an exciting life decision. Becoming engaged and getting married will likely elicit a range of emotions including great joy and excitement. However, for many women, planning a wedding and making the decision to get married, can lead to heightened stress, pressure, and feelings of overwhelm. As a women’s therapist, I’m here to tell you it’s possible to break free from wedding pressures and anxieties and navigate wedding stress and wedding planning with greater ease and peace of mind.

A bride holding a flower bouquet. If you're experiencing wedding stress, begin working with a women's therapist in NYC, NY. I offer women's therapy to help support brides.

Ways to reduce wedding stress for New York brides

Take time to reflect on what’s most important to you

Firstly, give yourself and your partner the needed time and space to reflect on what matters to you most. It’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement of wedding planning and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, it can be helpful to think about and identify early on what your top priorities are for the wedding.

Shift your focus and reframe your thoughts

When wedding pressures mount, challenge your anxious thoughts and develop more helpful, realistic, and compassionate ones. Perhaps, you’ve run into an issue with flowers or couldn’t get the venue you wanted. Try to find some perspective during those stressful moments. Ask yourself will this truly matter ten years from now? What’s the worst thing that can happen? Of course, it’s important to honor the feelings that are coming up for you but try to do so with a dose of compassion and perspective.

Carve out quality time for you and your partner

Wedding planning gets busy! Set aside intentional quality time with your partner to connect. It’s easy to get distracted by all you need to do or get caught in the trap of only discussing wedding plans. Spend time together, even if it’s as small as taking a walk or talking before bed. Date night or time spent together are useful reminders of the most important part of your wedding, the relationship and love you’ve cultivated with one another.

A man & a woman holding hands, representing marriage. If you are planning a wedding & feel stressed, learn effective coping strategies in NYC women's therapy. As a women's therapist, I can help you feel less stressed.

Improve your communication skills

During times of heightened stress, it’s easy to make assumptions, misread what others say, or struggle to get your points across. If you find it difficult to be assertive, it’s helpful to focus on identifying your boundaries and strengthening your skills in speaking up for yourself. If you’re experiencing moments of anger and frequent conflict, consider anger management techniques. When emotions such as anger start to mount, consider taking an intentional time out and returning to a conversation after practicing emotional regulation strategies and cooling down.


Leading up to your wedding, be mindful of your stress levels. Prioritize sleep, healthy exercise, and adequate nutrition. Self-care looks different for everyone. Some self-soothing activities can include deep breathing, massage, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. On the day of your wedding, try a grounding or mindfulness practice to intentionally tune into the present moment and soak in your special day.

Identify your support network

Consider who around you will be the most supportive throughout your wedding. Identify who will be the most supportive on the day of your wedding and who you’ll want close by. Ask yourself, who has the most calming energy? Who is the most organized or brings a positive attitude? Finally, consider therapy for women’s issues in NYC, NY to help in the lead-up to your wedding day. In my psychotherapy practice, I’ve worked with many brides over the years seeking to reduce stress and feel more mindful and present on their wedding days. My intention is to create a supportive environment that encourages self-expression and stress management that helps you work through difficult situations that may arise throughout this exciting and memorable chapter in your life.

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Don’t let stress take over! Begin therapy for women in NYC today

If wedding stress is overwhelming your excitement, remember that support is available. As a women’s therapist specializing in wedding-related anxieties, I’m here to help you navigate this transformative time. Whether you’re struggling to manage the pressures of wedding planning or seeking to cultivate mindfulness on your big day, women’s therapy can provide valuable tools and insights for your wedding stress. Take the first step toward a more peaceful wedding experience by following the steps below!

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