Seeking Women’s Therapy in NYC: A Guide to Preparing for Your First Appointment

Reaching out for help is an incredibly brave decision. If you’re considering women’s therapy in NYC for the first time, here are some helpful ways to prepare for your first appointment.

Before your women’s therapy appointment:

Consider any logistics that will help make the appointment less stressful. If you’re meeting virtually from home, make sure you have a comfortable place to speak from. Live with roommates or a partner? See if you can let them know in advance about your appointment to ensure privacy. Make sure you’re alone in a room where you can speak freely without anybody listening to you. I often recommend using headphones and turning off notifications before sessions. And if needed, consider investing in a sound machine for added privacy.

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Think about your goals and hopes for therapy. Take time before the first session to reflect on your goals and what you hope to gain from therapy. You don’t have to articulate or determine what your goals are perfectly, but it can be helpful to think about what you’d like to be different in your life. Additionally, consider what’s felt hard for you lately or what if any changes you’d like to make. And if you’re unsure of your goals, that’s okay too! Your therapist will help support you through meaningful self-exploration.

During your appointment:

Be yourself! As this is the first time meeting your therapist, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous or apprehensive. A sense of trust and rapport are built over time. It’s completely natural to share at your own pace. Your therapist’s job is to create a warm, safe, and nonjudgemental environment where you feel truly supported and free to share. It’s okay to say that you don’t want to talk about a topic at any point during therapy. Remember, this is your dedicated time and space to explore what’s most important to you.

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Feel free to ask questions. Your women’s therapist will likely discuss how she works or review housekeeping and general topics like her cancellation policy. If you’re confused or uncertain about something, be sure to ask clarifying questions. It’s important you have clear expectations moving forward.

After your appointment:

A white journal & pen sitting near a laptop. If you're starting therapy for women's issues in NYC, discover how to prepare for your first appointment here! Read more information in my blog.

Reflect on what you liked and didn’t like about the appointment. Research shows that the most important predictor of successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship itself. Ask yourself if you felt seen and understood by this person? Did you feel this therapist was empathetic and non-judgmental? Did she instill in you a sense of hope? The bond and connection you form with your therapist is essential to growth, healing, and change. A good therapeutic alliance establishes trust, encourages collaboration, and reinforces realistic expectations that enable clients to achieve their therapy goals. Ultimately, the therapeutic relationship provides the foundation for successful therapy. You are more likely to follow through with treatment recommendations, open up about difficult topics, and develop greater insight when you truly trust your therapist and feel unconditionally supported by her.

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