Navigating Homesickness: How Adolescents Can Seek Support During Summer Camp

Two girls swinging in a hammock at summer camp. If your teen is headed to summer camp & homesick, develop strategies for managing it here! As a therapist for women's issues in Brooklyn, NY, I am here to help.

Leaving home to go off to camp can be an exciting adventure. However, it’s normal for many adolescents to experience feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and homesickness. Navigating feelings of homesickness involves a combination of camp preparation, concrete strategies to use in the moment, as well as meaningful support. Read on for tips from a women’s…

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Therapy for Women in NYC: Overcoming Perfectionism

A woman looking at out at a city skyline while sitting on a mountain edge. If you struggle with the fear of failure, work with a therapist for women's issues in NYC, NY today. I can help you find coping skills for perfectionism.

It’s a natural human desire to want to achieve and experience success. Whether you’re striving to be promoted at work or obtain good grades in school, it’s completely understandable to feel motivated by success. Having high standards in itself is not a bad thing. However, if you find your high exceptions lead to feeling like…

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Embracing Your Body in Therapy for Women: Cultivating Positive Body Image

A woman sitting in a field of flowers holding a mirror & smiling at her reflection. If you struggle with body image concerns, reach out to begin therapy for women in NYC, NY. As a women's therapist, I am here to help!

Body image concerns or body dysmorphic disorder can profoundly impact the way you view yourself and your overall emotional well-being. Unrealistic perceptions of one’s body often lead to feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, and insecurity. Below are some common signs of body image concerns or body dysmorphic disorder: Common behaviors associated with body image…

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Finding Your Voice: The Power of Therapy for Addressing Relationship Issues in NYC Women

A side profile of a woman standing in a forest alone. Through women's issues therapy in NYC, your relationship can bloom! I can help you communicate better in women's therapy.

A common reason women attend therapy is to strengthen and nurture their romantic relationships. If you’re wanting to build and/or maintain meaningful and deep connections, therapy for women’s issues is a dedicated space to prioritize your relationships. With a therapist for women in NYC, NY, you can develop greater self-awareness and understanding of your relationship…

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